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is to provide you the best possible services and a warm atmosphere so you can enjoy, relax and unwind. Our desire is to ensure your satisfaction with our experience and attentive staffs, utmost sanitation standards, and quality products from the most trusted names in the beauty industry.

Hera Nail Spa

139 W County Line Rd
Littleton, Colorado 80129


Business Hours:

Mon - Fri:9:30 am - 7:00 pm
Sat:9:30 am - 6:00 pm
Sun:11:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Julianne B, Renton, WA

Yay I’m a fan is a perfect saying for this place. I came in off a Groupon coupon and received a pedicure and a Shellac manicure. I typically do not like going to just “nail salons”, as I prefer the relaxation and special treatment that I get at spas. Plus the cleanliness is really important to me and usually a nail salon finds a way to freak me out and make me not want to return. This place was very clean and cleans their instruments in an autoclave machine (sterilizing machine). With that said, this was the best mani/pedi that I had received from a nail salon.

I especially liked my Shellac Manicure. With the amount of cleaning I do and the picking of my nails that I do, my polish should be destroyed. But alas it is perfect! I even got a french manicure to really see how well this 3 week promise of perfect polish will really hold up. I WILL return when I don’t have the time for my full spa treatment.

Mo C. Denver, CO

Just a great little strip mall nail shop just off of C470 & Broadway.
So, you know how some nail salons can look like a store-it-all with a couple of nail tables? They’re home to discarded, mismatched furniture, ratty old art an dying plants lying around? Hera is NOT that kind of place.

I was actually pretty impressed. For a strip mall nail salon, this place has been nicely remodeled and the massage chairs are top of the line. I’ve never had a massage chair grab my butt and give me a butt massage. Weird, but cool. I got a great mani/pedi here for a great price. I had a discount, but I think regular price is ~$35.

What this place could use, though, is a well-placed pricing list on the wall. I didn’t realize until I was all finished that they had parafin wax that I could have added on. And, per the other review, they have shellac. Would have been nice to know about the other options they provide.

Otherwise, it was a good experience and I could definitely see taking a long lunch for a mani/pedi here and some tacos at Mi Cocina next door 

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